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  • Creative handmade button bag

    For the bag lovers. The green ship bag is one of the I'm LU's creations. Buy this or any other special and unique bag created by these talented designers. Special bags are for special people.

  • Beautiful blue set for only 19.50€ 

    This green and unique jewelry set is made by Remzije Januzi. Choose a necklace, a bracelet, a ring or a combination of these that best suits your preferences for affordable price.

    Remzije Januzi 
  • Carto Pinto postcards and ornamental boxes 

    Buy a unique postcard from a Carto Pinto collection, which represent distinct approaches for different preferences. Choose your favorite unique handmade postcards now, from many available designs. 

  • Rigga Shoes for only 16.90€

    They are the best in Kosovo for creating women shoes. There are different choices, like shoes, sandals, and trainers. Rigga is a brand you should choose if you want both quality and good price.

  • Beautiful clothes are for beautiful children

    "Handmade Nena" comes with a great offer, all her products are on SALE. Be the first one to choose between a wide variety of choices. Buy handmade clothes for children, made by Nena.

    Nena new
  • Creative Knitting Store collection

    Check their top quality crafted products and accessorise your outfit this season. Buy online! There's a wide range of options to suit any woman's needs, hats, scarves, gloves and accessories.  

  • United States of Albania by Folkan Shqip

    Folkan Shqip T-Shirts and other products are designed by two young men. Their inspiration are traditional motifs. Shop their products online, and choose a T-Shirt with your favorite logo.

  • Balkanspring's 1st year of Success

    We would like to share the info-graphics of our 1st year success journey. The price of our improvement, efficiency and most important success, is hard work and motivation. Click on the image to see the details.

  • Choose the best

    If you want to give your children the finer things in life then designer kids clothes would be the ideal start. Ascension creates unique items that both you and your child will love. Click for more...

    Unique bags and dresses
  • Complete your look

    Jewelry and fashion accessories of today have come a long way. Discover our selection of affordable, unique gifts and accessories. Simple, intricately or elaborately crafted. 

  • Choose what you need

    These and many other products are the creations of very talented designers that are part of the Soroptimist organization that strives for the elevation, advancement and the independence of women.

  • Choose special

    These rings are always trendy and make your look unique and special. These rings are so beautiful that you would never take them off. Click on the image and check these and more of the Ariana Nila's designs.

  • Choose the traditional

    To this day, some conservative older men and women still wear traditional clothing in their daily lives. Some others, wear them on birthdays, holidays and weddings. Get a taste of Albanian tradition. 

  • Choose the recreation

    Check Souvenir Shop Delvina's products and make your choice for your favorite item. The fabric they use is old, redesigned and resewn and mainly a combination of modern and traditional.

  • Choose love

    Express your love with stylish and affordable heart shaped jewelry. We carry a wide selection of heart rings, necklaces, and other heart shaped jewelry that is a perfect gift as a spontaneous sign of affection. 

  • Choose for your home

    Buy unique home decorating gifts for everyone on your list. Versace design pillows, leather cup and napkin holders, tablecloths, carpets, phone cases and many other leather products, by RR & B.